Shoot-a-Way Machine

Organization: Maryvale High School

Club: All

Why we need this:  Our team needs opportunities to get much better at shooting the basketball. Several circumstances are surrounding our poor shooting, such as the lack of resources in the community. Many of our student-athletes have never played competitive basketball before entering high school. Additionally, there is a funding shortage in high school sports that provides enough basketballs for every student-athlete during practice. The addition would give our athletes a sense of pride, a feeling that they matter, and hundreds of more repetitions of shooting the basketball. As our students see training videos, promotional videos, or opposing schools at competitions, they notice all the resources other schools have. For example, one player asked our coach, "If our school was rich like this school, could we get a nicer locker room and one of those shooting machines?" Another example question was, "Coach, if we won a lot of games, would we get better stuff?" Our coach answers these questions as honestly as possible. Our district schools receive the same funding, but others have booster clubs that support the team by making purchases. Even if our school won games, we would receive the same funding. Our coach tells us that we have to worry about the things we can control. Thanks for your consideration of contributing to our program!

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$7,316.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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