Trisha Drake

Trisha moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1994 to escape the winters of her native Chicago- area home. She’s been creating and designing for as long as she can remember. She earned a Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Visual Communications from Illinois State University. In Phoenix, she started her own design firm, worked at family-owned print shops and at a national ad agency. After being laid off from the agency following the atrocities of 9/11, she attempted to break into copywriting, competing with many seasoned professionals in the same situation. To make extra money she took a job as an instructional assistant for the Floral Design teacher at Metro Tech High School in Phoenix. Here, Trisha was lured into the world of teaching. She earned her Master’s degree in education, taught art for two years in the Phoenix Elementary School District, and then moved back to the Phoenix Union High School District and taught photography for 7 years at Fairfax High School. In 2015 she introduced Graphic Design to Fairfax and has been teaching that ever since. While at Fairfax, Trisha was hired to co-sponsor the Robotics Club. It was here that she learned of and became an advocate for Support My Club. She has watched the robotics club members laugh as they came up with a wish list to add items to their SMC page, thinking it was all too much. She then saw those same faces become giddy with delight in hearing that one generous donor purchased all of the items. Trisha’s passion for art and design has afforded her many opportunities, including getting to witness teenagers as they create designs, artwork, and robots.